Rigi 1024 1024 AndyFish


…if you want a breath-holding view… come to Rigi-Swisss… 🙂

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Lausanne 1024 1024 AndyFish


A beautiful city of youth and striking natural color who unite with this overwhelming architecture….

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Luzern-First Snowflakes 1024 1024 AndyFish

Luzern-First Snowflakes

Winter is slowly coming to my city… 🙂

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Autumn in Porec 768 1024 AndyFish

Autumn in Porec

…by the sea is always magical…

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Royal Life 611 749 AndyFish

Royal Life

  Ah that royal life… 🙂

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Otok Krk Adrijana Fischer
The island of Krk 768 1024 AndyFish

The island of Krk

  The island of Krk and Malinska have a special place in my heart …

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Castle Heidegg 1024 768 AndyFish

Castle Heidegg

In this area, all the castles were destroyed by the confederates. According to a legend as a miraculous salvation, the mother gods had heard the prayer of the Burgfräuleins, which Heidegg wrapped in fog, whereupon the confederates lost themselves in the counter. The chapel was erected thanks to the hedonism of Heidegg.

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Villa Honegg Adrijana Fischer
Villa Honegg-Switzerland 768 1024 AndyFish

Villa Honegg-Switzerland

This is one of my favorite vacation spots…

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Croatia Adrijana Fish
Croatia 768 1024 AndyFish


Such combinations of scents are truly unique…

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Milano 720 960 AndyFish


  An unforgettable weekend in the city of fashion 🙂

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